AIREF Supports Printing of “Building Our Way Out of Crime”

Book highlights transformative power of police/community developer partnerships


Irving, Texas (December 14, 2011) – The Alarm Industry Research and Educational Foundation (AIREF) recently provided substantial funding for the printing of an impactful book, “Building Our Way Out of Crime: The Transformative Power of Police-Community Developer Partnerships.”


AIREF chose to sponsor the book, which proves that high-crime neighborhoods can be transformed into healthy, safe neighborhoods, because of its commitment to working with public safety officials to improve the safety of America’s communities and citizens.


“Building Our Way Out of Crime” was written by Bill Geller, Senior Public Safety Consultant and Director of Geller & Associates, who has advised police departments and city leaders for 35 years; and Lisa Belsky, who has 25 years of community development experience. Drawing from a three-year study funded by the Department of Justice, the book highlights how a well-conceived, ongoing alliance between dedicated police and community developers can turn blighted neighborhoods into economically viable communities. Case studies cited in the book include cities such as Charlotte, N.C.; Minneapolis, Minn; and Providence, R.I.


“AIREF is a proud participant of this project,” said John Jennings, Chairman of the AIREF board. “Being able to help get the word out about improving the safety of America’s communities ties in to our mission as an organization. The golfers and sponsors who participate in our yearly golf tournament will be pleased to know that their contributions are going to such a worthy cause.”


The book was recently revised from its most recent version of June 2011, Geller said, and a new edition will be published early in 2012. Participation of groups like AIREF defray printing costs of the book, he said, and make it easier to reach an intended audience of policymakers, public safety professionals, community leaders and others whose goal is to provide a safe community.


Geller said the latest version of the book goes into greater detail about obtaining and maximizing funding in a challenging economic environment.


Most recently, the book and the “Building Our Way Out of Crime” collaboration strategy was approved by resolution in October at the annual meeting of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), as well as by the National Sheriffs’ Association in June 2011.


The IACP resolution cites the strategy as a “valuable form of high-impact, cost-effective partnership between police departments, sheriffs’ offices, prosecutors, other local government agencies and developers with a long-term interest in strengthening, safeguarding and revitalizing challenged neighborhoods.”


Copies of the latest edition of the book may be purchased online for $37, plus shipping and handling, from the Geller & Associates website, at More information is available by contacting Geller & Associates at (847) 832-1104.




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